Template - Guidelines

Both submissions of Abstracts and Final Contributions are performed online via the Conference website.

Abstract Submission

Prepare a one-page Abstract. Login to your Conference Account, click Abstract Submission, select the relevant category Topic and proceed with the Abstract Submission. 

Full Paper Template

Please, download the full paper template here and follow the instructions written inside (coming soon).

Guidelines for Presentations


  • There is no official template for a presentation; a presenter can use any layout he wants to.
  • Computers will be able to run presentations prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt, *.pptx). If you use any other program, please convert your presentation to PDF.
  • Allocated time for each presentation is 25 minutes (15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes for discussion). Please make sure you will be able to meet this limit.
  • Please upload your presentation directly to the computer in your conference room during coffee break or lunch break before your presentation. There will be a technician that will assist you. Do not send us your presentation in advance.
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